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How to Help Haiti? Changing the Narrative of Aid Relief

Hurricane Matthew’s catastrophic blow to Haiti left a devastating wake: a disastrous mix of rising cholera numbers and starvation from loss of crops and livestock. It can be difficult to know where to direct donations, especially after the Red Cross 2010 earthquake relief debacle—$500 million in donations was so poorly managed that aid wasn’t delivered where it was most needed (and where it was promised) in Haiti. This distrust leads to the questions: How can…


24 Best Volunteer Opportunities Around the World

Mission: English in Mind Institute helps Haitian adults find long-term, meaningful employment by teaching them English. Best for: People with classroom experience who love kids. Your job: Spend mornings volunteering at orphanages and afternoons teaching English to adult students. What we love: The ten-day volunteer trip includes a tour of Port-au-Prince and some beach time.

Travel Channel

How I got hooked on Haiti

“You’re going where?!” I got that reaction a lot when telling people I was going to Haiti. That, and a long silence … or a raised eyebrow. As someone who’s been known to plan last-minute trips, sometimes solo, I have been used to people doing double-takes. Usually, though, it’s just my dad who’s shocked, like the time I told him I was skipping Thanksgiving and heading to Iceland, alone, in the dead of winter.  But this…

Emily Winiker

Haiti = Heart… The full story.

I have been dreaming about writing this ever since I returned from Haiti. My mind has been a tangled, sticky web of emotions and facts and memories, so I have put off writing about it. I’m ready now; I want to share my experience. I will do the best I can to organize my thoughts (I apologize for tangents; I am famous for those…) My personal connection with Haiti began April 1st, 2013. On this…